New TDPK TALK by True Digital Park

Three Talk Series will drill down the insights from leading speakers and experts in the startup and technology industry from Thailand and abroad.

  1. Tech Highlights: A talk series designed for startups and tech enthusiasts. Take a deep dive into the tech world to find your inspiration from real success stories from exclusive and unique talks. Various topics on this talk series include AI, robotics, cryptocurrency, smart city, corporate innovation, data analytics, tech talent, and many more.
  2. SME Forward: For the first time at True Digital Park, we will be offering new content designed specifically for SME businesses, opening up a world of digital and innovation that will help grow traditional businesses. Learn from experts on how to increase sales, reduce costs, use digital marketing to your advantage, and get access to funding.
  3. Startup Classroom: A class for youngsters, students, or anyone who wants to start a business but doesn’t know where to start. Let’s lay a solid foundation with everything you need to know before doing it. Topics include company registration, understanding startup investments, laws such as PDPA, and much more. You will also get opportunities to talk to individuals in the startup ecosystem who have worked in global tech companies.

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Thailand's first and Southeast Asia's largest startup ecosystem. []

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True Digital Park

True Digital Park

Thailand's first and Southeast Asia's largest startup ecosystem. []

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