What We’ve Learned from Working from Home

Worker Satisfaction

This reflects that those with jobs that don’t take a lot of supervision were more easily able to transition to the WFH operation model than those whose roles were to manage employees. The latter group of managers and directors rely on face-to-face meetings and engaging with the employees as a part of their job. This also suggests that while email, phone conferences and video conferences partially filled the gap during the lockdown period, it was not a complete solution for managers and directors.

Work from home


Employees were generally happy to have more freedom in the way they structured their workday. By arranging their day in the manner that best suited their lifestyle, they felt it was easier to accomplish their work more efficiently.

Stress Levels

As mentioned above, people whose job it is to monitor the work of others felt the most stress during the lockdown period. This may be because they felt a loss of control. And controlling the workflow is a large part of their job descriptions. It may also be because the pandemic presented an overall business disruption that threatened the workflow and future of the company.

Time Allocation with Family

But employees with children older than 12-years of age reported a higher level of satisfaction with their home life. They had more opportunities to engage with their children, and their stress levels eased because they knew what their children were up to and how they spent their days while in lockdown.

Disconnection / Loneliness

Every company wants to establish a corporate culture. The culture creates a sense of camaraderie among employees, encourages them to work towards a common goal, and develops a collaborative work environment.

Business Life in the New Normal

The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for a long time to come. But we have seen that businesses can survive and succeed even when employees are forced to work from home.



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